In pre-Columbian times, before the Spanish conquistadors tried to erase local cultures, each community with certain importance, whether economic, warlike or populated, had a glyph (“logo”) that represented them.

This glyph, more than a coat of arms, was the way to represent this place on paper, the way to write and register it.

In the case of Tlayecac, from the original word “Tlayacac”, we know that its meaning can be interpreted as “mountain with a nose”, and its glyph represents just that.

Using an old image of the glyph, we have created a vectorized version so that anyone can use it. We leave 3 images at your disposal: one with the original colors, one with just the borders and one more with solid color.

Download Tlayecac’s glyph/logo
3 versiones del glifo de Tlayecac

Glyphs available in the archive. Click on the button to download them.

The fact that it is a vectorized image means that it can be exported at small or huge sizes without losing quality.

The files are in SVG format and can be edited and exported with the free and libre InkScape vectorial editor.

In many cultures, these glyphs, coat of arms and any other form of graphic representation of a place are usually highly valued by their people, but in Mexico we tend to undervalue them.

By the way, the cover image, the one at the beginning of this post can be used as desktop background if you wish. It is 1920×1080 resolution.