Geographically, it is located at 18° 45′ 20″ north latitude, 098° 52′ 51″ west longitude and an altitude of 1360 meters above sea level. The climate in this part of the state is warm sub-humid with an average annual temperature of 24° C. (INEGI, 2006)

The flora is in correspondence with the climate, it is a low cadusifolia forest. Mainly you can find casahuates, tulips, amates, framboyanes, guaje colorado and verde, mezquite and tepejuaje; and fruit trees like guamuchil, plum threes and guayabo.

The fauna is very varied, you can find, rabbit, skunk, tlacuache, coyote, magpie, vulture, owl, heron, turtle and iguana, in addition to mojarra and catfish.

The most important bodies of water in the area are a dam built for crop irrigation and fishing, a pond for water distribution and recreational activities, the “la cuera” ravine and several ravines that paint the vegetation of their banks green all year round.

The main economic activity is agriculture, being the main crops: corn, sorghum and more recently onion and zucchini. Industrial activities are also carried out in the “Parque Industria Cuautla” (which belongs to the municipality of Ayala), commerce and livestock.