Riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle, a bold engineer heads for the unknown, to a small provincial town, at Rosalía’s request. Rosalía is the only teacher in the village and who wants a real school for San Martín de Arriba. This mission will be interrupted by Don César Pedrero, the village chief and husband of beautiful Margarita.

This is the story told by “Pueblito”, a film shot mainly in Tlayecac from 1961 to 1962 by the famous Mexican director Emilio “el indio” Fernández

Pueblito is not only important cinematographically for Tlayecac, but it turns its plot into a reality: To build the first school for Tlayecac. It is also an invaluable audiovisual archive, since it takes us back to the Tlayecac of the 60’s, to a small town with many needs but also full of opportunities and stories to be written.

Emilio Fernández won Las Perlas del Cantábrico at the San Sebastián Film Festival and reaffirms him as a director concerned with what is happening in the deepest parts of Mexico.

It is said that during the making of the film several inhabitants of Tlayecac participated as extras, at that time children, nowadays probably already in their senior years. For example, in a letter, Adela, daughter of Emilio Fernández, tells him about Juan Broa, from Tlayecac.

After watching the film it is inevitable to stop for a moment and think how much the town has changed? what has improved and what has gotten worse? how similar is Don César Pedrero’s authority to the present one? is the current Tlayecac the one the Tlayecac’s from the 60’s would expect?

More about the film:

Length: 83 minutes.
Cast: Columba Domínguez (Asunción), Lilia Prado (Margarita), Fernando Soler (Don César Pedrero), María Elena Marqués (Rosalía), José Alonso Cano (Guillermo), Alberto Galán (Don Sotero, priest), Gabriel del Río (Filiberto), Emilio Fernández (Colonel).
International name: Little Village.
If you like it you can see: “Río escondido”, also by Emilio Fernández.